What would you give to fuck me?

by Ashlee on June 26, 2009

What would you give to fuck me?While a guy hitting on me is a common occurrence, I know that the number of cocks that stand at attention when they see me is much greater. I am hot. Many guys don’t hit on me because they suspect that they are not fortunate enough to ever earn my attention. For the most part, they are correct, and for them, I urge an indulgence in phone sex. However, every once in a long while I do daydream about what it would be like to give that insecure guy a chance. What if one day I decided to spread my legs for the guy who can’t get any, and ride him until he’s ready to wage war over me? Call it charity or a pity fuck, because that’s what it is—there’s no benefit to me. I have a whole stable of men to select from who are ready to climb any mountain, so adding another is not appealing enough. It would be out of pure sorrow. 

Is this something I should do? I invite your thoughts. 

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