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Tease and Denial Phone Sex

Pleasing Your Mistress

July 4, 2012

It’s something that you do so well and with a tantalizing touch of superb southern class. Our erotic escape to the mountains has left your Mistress wanting more. It seems as though you have earned what it is you want the very most. Perhaps our next rendezvous will allow you this success assuming my gracious [...]

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It Starts With Temptation…

April 18, 2010

  I love the way a man desperately watches me unable to control his cock getting hard in his pants. Wanting so much more and being willing to do anything in order to see this tight body and fuck me harder then he ever imagined.I smirk as I pull of my clothes in front of [...]

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Big tits delivers large packages

January 20, 2010

The way that men are mesmerized by even the slightest hint of “cleavage” has always been of great interest to me. It really struck me the other day as I jogged down the street to hand over a package to the postman who was delivering mail in the area. I had on a slightly low [...]

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PS…I love you too

October 14, 2009

Every once in a while, usually after a really good call, as the gentleman and I are saying good-bye he’ll say; “I love you.” This happens most often with regulars, but on occasion with new callers too.
The first time it happened it shocked the daylights out of me. I couldn’t believe that after just a [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…