One and Only Obsession

by Ashlee on May 4, 2023

 I know you can’t help it….  something about my voice, my body, and the way I give instructions.

I get into your head, linger there, quiet, sweet, hushed sounds of me giving you direction. You can’t concentrate, work cannot be completed, and your life seems dull. You have a yearning, want, need, like a junkie needs their fix, and you know you’ll not be satisfied until you act upon your want to call me.

You feel yourself reaching for the phone, wanting to dial, just to hear me say hello in my seductive voice. 

The reason for this feeling, this want, this unyielding desire to be near with me, even if it’s just the tone of my voice on the other end of the phone, is because you have no choice. You’ve been programed, hypnotized, bewitched by all those wonderful trigger words that have been placed in your head.

You’re not only programed to obey but I have now become your one and only obsession.


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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