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Extreme Role play

Sensual Mistress

August 16, 2012

Soft spoken, sexy voice practically purring in your ear, teasing you with my provocative words. As if this were not enough,you slip so deeply into our fantasy and find your body hot and wanting, pressed firmly against my curvaceous one. Long,sensual kisses intoxicating you beyond control,you are suddenly completely lost in this erotic utopia of [...]

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Pleasing Your Mistress

July 4, 2012

It’s something that you do so well and with a tantalizing touch of superb southern class. Our erotic escape to the mountains has left your Mistress wanting more. It seems as though you have earned what it is you want the very most. Perhaps our next rendezvous will allow you this success assuming my gracious [...]

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The Way You Always Linger

May 5, 2011

Maybe it’s the way you speak to me so eloquently and sure knowing exactly what it is your lover longs to hear. Or perhaps it is your strong but sensual touch and hungry bedroom eyes that keep me wanting. And,lover believe me I do always want you even moments after we have just left the [...]

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A more dominant side to crave

September 27, 2010

An early morning call from a submissive and very kinky man inspired this post. We have played before and this time was just as amazingly hot as the others. As luck would it have it for him, I made a lovely purchase this weekend at my taboo toy store. I bought several new goodies actually [...]

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Anal Joys

September 22, 2010

There is something so sensual and hot  about ass play. It’s always been a true favorite of mine. I still am amazed when I talk to guys who say they have never really tried it.  Immediately, I find myself going into my “you have to here’s why” lecture which is part of the reason for [...]

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A Fantasy we Can Make Real

November 9, 2009

Have you ever been at work early in the day and thought to yourself how much better it would be if you were home right now?  What would you be doing if your boss approached you and told you that you could leave?  I’m sure this kind of thing is something you’ve daydreamed about. I [...]

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Hidden Submission

August 23, 2009

These days’ men seem to be conflicted by which role they should play. Are you the dominant, alpha male who cares about nothing except success and sex?  Are you the middle of the road guy who doesn’t get too far from what is PC?  For myself, I like it when men have the ability to [...]

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