A more dominant side to crave

by Naughty Ashlee on September 27, 2010

An early morning call from a submissive and very kinky man inspired this post. We have played before and this time was just as amazingly hot as the others.

As luck would it have it for him, I made a lovely purchase this weekend at my taboo toy store. I bought several new goodies actually (ha, was tons of fun)  but this sweet leather paddle had his name all over it.

You see, he is a bit of a “pain slut” and I must give him what it is he craves, the dominant side of me. I give it to him good too.  “On your knees and arch that slutty back so I can see those balls dangle pretty for me.

Ready for some ball busting baby? Oh, he loves for me to abuse those balls. Begs for it!

The sound of the leather stinging his “boys” made me wet. The crimson imprints from my paddle only made me want him as my bitch even more.

“You are going to be my bitch today aren’t you?”  I’m gonna slap those balls blue then you are going to do some very serious ass worshiping.  He whimpered and nodded a yes as I slapped his balls hard once again.

“Now be a good bitch and lick my tight, hot, puckered hole sub boy.”  He relished my taste and devoured me hungrily, obediently, so submissively.

He didn’t speak a word when I got out my strappy and started to stroke it in front of him but got right into doggy-style  with back arched again and bruised swollen balls hanging.  I traced the tip of this huge head around his tight hole before plunging into that starfish deep giving this pain slut the dominance he so badly craves.

No limits.

No taboos.

For all your dominant phone sex cravings,

~Your Naughty Ashlee~



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