Anal Joys

by Naughty Ashlee on September 22, 2010

There is something so sensual and hot  about ass play. It’s always been a true favorite of mine. I still am amazed when I talk to guys who say they have never really tried it.  Immediately, I find myself going into my “you have to here’s why” lecture which is part of the reason for this post.

I have this new caller who is just starting to explore the beautiful world of anal sex.  I have been coaxing him along easing those nerves with some very kinky ass play lessons, I guess you could say.  He is a very promising student very eager to please me and do just as he is told.  I’ve been easy on him with just a touch of sensual domination involved.  He does please my hot, sweet hole so wonderfully.

Good boy even does his tongue exercises at night before bed all so that he may please me even better the next time we have our “lesson”.  I like his dedication… ~smile~

Soon, he will be venturing to the back door for so much more than he ever imagined possible.  The joy of ass play that’s what is on my mind.  What about you what kinky joys have you been thinking about lately? I would love to know!  Until then…

~Your Naughty Ashlee~

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