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Your Naughty Ashlee

Seductively Seducing Ashlee

October 25, 2021

  Sometimes I like to take things real slow and take my time to seductively seduce you. It’s not that hard to make you want me in every possible way. Especially, when you come home from a long day and you find me sitting in your big leather chair barely wearing anything. I’ll do whatever […]

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Let’s Skip The Formalities

August 4, 2021

  I see you from across the room. You are incredibly sexy with your shy but confidant eyes. Believe it or not, a girl knows within 5 seconds of seeing a guy whether he is fuckable or not. It only took me 1 second to know that you are absolutely fuckable. From the sensual curve […]

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Complete Cock Control

June 22, 2021

  Are you prepared to be teased and denied all at the same time? With my special attention to detail, I will bring you closer to the edge than you could ever imagine, making your cock ache for release. I can feel your body tense up and shiver from my touch, and just when you […]

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Yours For The Taking

May 27, 2021

As many as you know, I am a strong and confident woman. I like to take charge and have my way with you. What if I gave you an “all access” to my gorgeous, ripe body? What would do with me if we had hours, or better yet, days to be alone together. I would be […]

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Sugar Lips

April 23, 2021

My lips melt in your mouth. They’re positively delectable, extra rich, velvety smooth with fountains of the sweetest cream. And, oh yes, these soft, pouty lips that I kiss you with are very nice too. You love my taste and never try to deny the urgent cravings you have for me. It’s like the perfect […]

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Personal Fuck Assistant

March 5, 2021

I know you have had a very stressful week, that’s why I want to take care of you and make sure we get rid of all the stress that has built up inside of you.  Don’t worry babe, just lay down on your couch, step away from your phone and computer, and I will give […]

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Just Tonight

February 11, 2021

It’s been a long time since I spoke to my ex boyfriend. I hadn’t really expected to hear from him again. Imagine my surprise when my cell rang at 1 am and I saw his name come up, I thought my heart would stop. The memories of the last time we were together came flooding […]

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Naughty Ashlee is Letting Go

October 22, 2020

I get asked daily if I am more dominant or submissive. My answer is always dominant because I like taking control of your cock and giving you an unforgettable orgasm. I tend to take the lead in a role-play fantasy. Either one I concocted in my naughty mind or perhaps it’s one you’ve been excited […]

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My Breasts Were Meant To Be Worshiped

June 17, 2020

You take your time teasing my nipples and caressing my full breasts. It’s something you desperately look forward to every time we’re together. I know you love worshiping my beautiful tits, and you want to pleasure me for hours. Who am I to turn down this kind of offer?  Your mouth just feels to damn […]

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Naughty Ashlee Has an Urgent Need

May 13, 2020

It is the most intense of cravings and one that must be urgently met. It seems no matter how many long passionate hours we spend making love it never really satisfies the burning lust we share deep within. My hot pussy aches to be with you always, I’ve told you this many times. The feeling […]

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