Your Treat or Mine?

by Ashlee on October 30, 2022

It’s Halloween night and you don’t plan on handing out candy this year. Let’s dim the lights and make our own special night. 

I walk up behind you, nibble on your ear, and kiss the back of your neck. I reach down around your waist then and unbutton your pants, untuck your shirt, slip my hands down your lower stomach, and reach down in. That’s my good boy, already getting hard for me.

I take your cock in one hand and reach my other palm around your balls, gently squeezing and caressing. A few more strokes then I’m going to come around and get down on my knees in front of you. I keep my grasp on the base of you as I put my lips on the head of your cock. I look up at you as I lick off your sweet pre-cum.

I slowly take you into my mouth, my lips, and tongue tight around you. You moan and slide your hips forward feeding me your cock. You love how wet and hot my mouth is around you. I love how you smell, taste, and feel in my mouth. I stroke you in and out, up and down, finding that rhythm that takes you to the edge.
I feel your hands weave their way into my hair and I know that I’ve just given up the control. I let you shove your cock deep, deeper, the tip hitting the back of my throat and opening to take you even further. Fuck my mouth, lover. Use me, I love it.

I can tell by your groans that you’re so close to cumming. I want it. Give it to me. Cum for me. You let go and I can feel the cum surging through you. It pours out of you, spilling into my mouth. I drink you in, loving the way you taste. I lick my lips, look up at you and smile. 


Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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