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Bad Babysitter Phone Sex

Big tits delivers large packages

January 20, 2010

The way that men are mesmerized by even the slightest hint of “cleavage” has always been of great interest to me. It really struck me the other day as I jogged down the street to hand over a package to the postman who was delivering mail in the area. I had on a slightly low [...]

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PS…I love you too

October 14, 2009

Every once in a while, usually after a really good call, as the gentleman and I are saying good-bye he’ll say; “I love you.” This happens most often with regulars, but on occasion with new callers too.
The first time it happened it shocked the daylights out of me. I couldn’t believe that after just a [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…

Hidden Submission

August 23, 2009

These days’ men seem to be conflicted by which role they should play. Are you the dominant, alpha male who cares about nothing except success and sex?  Are you the middle of the road guy who doesn’t get too far from what is PC?  For myself, I like it when men have the ability to [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…