by Naughty Ashlee on June 22, 2012

When I hear your low,sultry voice speak my name the way only you can do “J”. Or your sexy,playful laughter in my ear it does amazing things to me. It really does and it’s totally undeniable the intense chemistry I feel when I am with you. Your such an easy lover to be with I truly adore you for this. Never demanding,selfish or intrusive. You love me in the “now” and never worry about the trivial tomorrows to come. What a man! What a damn fine man you are and baby you do wear it well.

Your sensual touch and erotic whispers in the bedroom makes my hot,wet sex positively ache for you to be inside me again. I can almost feel you throbbing in me now,hungry tongue teasing my sexy hard nipples while you slowly,deeply take what is all yours.

You are amazing and I love every moment in your arms!

Sensual Kisses & licks,


Your Naughty Ashlee

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