Let’s Skip The Formalities

by Ashlee on August 4, 2021


I see you from across the room. You are incredibly sexy with your shy but confidant eyes. Believe it or not, a girl knows within 5 seconds of seeing a guy whether he is fuckable or not. It only took me 1 second to know that you are absolutely fuckable.

From the sensual curve in your lip to the cocky way that you walk across the room, I instantly know I want nothing more than to feel your strong hands on my breasts and your warm breath against my skin.

I think of looking down and seeing your hard cock entering me and I get chills across my entire body. I hold my breath as you walk across the room towards me and introduce yourself to me. I should suggest that we skip the formalities and just go straight back to your house and fuck. However, I refrain and decide a lot of teasing and build up will make an incredible fuck even better.



Written By: Naughty Ashlee
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