Unquenchable Lust

by Naughty Ashlee on August 6, 2012

My mind often drifts to the mystical seashore where I spent most of last summer. There truly is something undeniably tranquil and just as equally exhilarating about the ocean. Soothing,sensual salty kisses from the sea enveloping my naked body lifting me to new heights of erotica.

I met you the last weekend of my stay and the instant connection was beyond any doubt when I felt your lips press firmly against mine. Your piercing eyes looked right through me and suddenly I was entranced, unable to look away, completely taken by this mysterious new lover. I know now that is was a mutual and most unquenchable “lust at first sight”. Do you remember the warm,gentle waves caressing our bodies,meshing them as one in the most rapturous way? Sigh, I certainly do my lover, and now I want to revisit those long,lingering nights on the beach with you.

Sweet,salty kisses,

Your Naughty Ashlee

Your Naughty Ashlee

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