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My Fetish Lover

February 25, 2019

I know your fetish but I will never tell because our time together is ours, uniquely designed just for the two of us. You tell me erotic stories and compose detailed role plays tailored specifically to your deepest desires and things you crave the most. Some are on the taboo and perhaps extreme side even, […]

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Unquenchable Lust

August 6, 2012

My mind often drifts to the mystical seashore where I spent most of last summer. There truly is something undeniably tranquil and just as equally exhilarating about the ocean. Soothing, sensual salty kisses from the sea enveloping my naked body lifting me to new heights of erotica.
I met you the last weekend of my stay [...]

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The Erotic Places We Go

March 4, 2011

 Oceans away the two of us were and the magical time we spent together will always remains so in my memory.  Moonlit walks on the beach your strong arms around me erotic whispers in my ear. The desire in your eyes burning right through my very soul.  My southern gentleman always taking me away [...]

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Secret Obsession

October 6, 2010

The thing you simply can not get enough of, an intense craving you can never satisfy.  An unruly lust that calls to you, keeping you awake late at night.  You toss and turn but nothing makes it better than that anxious feeling trickling up and down your body, making your mind start to race. Something [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…