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The Way You Always Linger

May 5, 2011

Maybe it’s the way you speak to me so eloquently and sure knowing exactly what it is your lover longs to hear. Or perhaps it is your strong but sensual touch and hungry bedroom eyes that keep me wanting. And,lover believe me I do always want you even moments after we have just left the [...]

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Always Hot For You

April 14, 2011

I love dressing sexy and showing off my curves when I go out or just when I am hanging out around my condo.  It’s something I take great pride in,looking gorgeous for you.  I work very hard to keep my body hot,sexy and young so I want to always accentuate my best assets. Yesterday, I [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…

Take Me Again Lover

March 31, 2011

Sensually you undress me with your eyes and suddenly I am powerless.  You know just how to get anything and everything you desire from me. Your fingers trace the neckline of my delicate lace top and you feel my cleavage bursting and hot.  You take your time slowly working your way to my sexy nipples [...]

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The way you make me feel…

January 12, 2011

It’s kinda crazy to me how much I miss your voice when you are away. Deep, sensual, slow and sexy. The way you take your time and go slow as if to savor me as long as you possibly can. I like that, a man with a slow hand is a man that owns my [...]

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Secret Obsession

October 6, 2010

The thing you simply can not get enough of, an intense craving you can never satisfy.  An unruly lust that calls to you, keeping you awake late at night.  You toss and turn but nothing makes it better than that anxious feeling trickling up and down your body, making your mind start to race. Something [...]

I’ve got more to tell you, hon…