Bedroom Eyes

by Naughty Ashlee on October 22, 2010

 There is just something about that lustful gaze you give me when I walk into the room.  Looking every single inch of my sexy body over.  Taking your time and drinking me in like a tall glass of water.

Those hungry “bedroom eyes” burn right through me and I feel my sweet sex starting to ache for you.  There is no doubt in my mind how much you want me. The look on your face and the bulge in your pants is all I need.

I tease you a little, savoring the moment making you earn your prize.  I sensually lift up my hair and rub the back of my neck then slip my fingers down to just barely tickle my full breasts.  My nipples grow hard and you can see I’m not wearing a bra this makes you grow harder, bigger.

I slowly start to suck on my finger never breaking our stare and before I know it you are right here in front of me.  Pressing your hungry lips against mine. Ravishing me. Our tongues circling wildly while our hands explore each other’s body.

I lean in to grind against your throbbing sex and realize how soaked my panties are starting to get.  A taste of this, a nibble here and tease of this and suddenly we are in your bedroom.

You guide me to the position you want me in on your huge bed and I lick my lips thinking of what’s to come.  Slowly you slip my silky, soaking panties off and let them fall to the ground.  You take your sweet time on my beautiful,wet sex spread out before you.  I feel your strong fingers gently touching my clit and sliding down to my sweet spot.  You plunge in deep while you suck on my nipples and I moan out for more. I feel your hungry tongue go down kissing me all the way as you go.  You linger here nibbling on my hard clit while fingering my tight, sweet hole.

We rock your bed for hours making wild passionate love together exploding into sheer and utter bliss over and over again.  I’m ready to see you again lover. You know I’m always here and ready to be your very own!

Your Naughty Ashlee



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